Racial Equity Training

Racial Equity and Leadership Training Leon Andrews
Racial Equity and Leadership Training Leon Andrews

We offer a host of training opportunities and programs to empower and equip local officials with the tools needed to address racial disparities in their communities. Many pieces of training are conference seminars, but we also offer remote webinars and in-person training at various cities on request.

Leadership Training through NLC University

We host training on leadership and effective ways to reduce racial disparities in your community at NLC University seminar sessions held at both our Congressional City Conference each spring and our City Summit conference each fall.


Webinar Training

Throughout the year, REAL hosts online webinars available to elected leaders and city staff of all NLC member cities. Our webinars range from education on broad topics, like first steps to advancing racial equity in your city, to more specific topics and how to react to current events.

Customized Leadership Training

We work with more than 30 cities and 8 state leagues to provide more individualized training to cities through web conferencing or in-person visits. Contact Kim Keith for more information on scheduling in-person training.