ICMA-RC is a non-profit, independent financial services corporation focused on providing retirement plans and related services for over a million public sector participant accounts.



Founded in 1972, ICMA-RC’s mission is to help public sector employees build retirement security.  The organization’s mission is delivered through its RealizeRetirement® approach in which ICMA-RC representatives actively engage participants in their retirement programs, help them build their asset base, and help them realize their retirement goals through a comprehensive retirement planning strategy.

Our network of extremely talented people – client champions, retirement plan specialists and certified financial planner professionals strive to simplify employer plan administration and help participants develop strategies to achieve their retirement savings goals. We take pride in our people and in the work we do helping our public-sector clients and their participants prepare so they can enjoy a secure retirement. In 2019, ICMA-RC was named one of the top workplaces by the Washington Post. 

We’ve been working with people who serve their communities for almost half a century and believe we do it better than anyone else – because it’s the focus of what we do – we help public sector employees build retirement security.  


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For more information, please contact Matthew Pruitt, vice president of Defined Contribution Markets at 800-658-9636 or mpruitt@icmarc.org.