NLC University

NLC University is a collaborative education and professional development initiative developed by the National League of Cities that helps municipal leaders – both elected and appointed – build the skills they need to better govern, serve and advocate for their communities.

Opportunities in 2019

City Summit

Join NLC University at City Summit to learn skills like leading equitably, thriving during crises and building resilient communities. Participants will also have the opportunity to earn credits towards NLC University certifications.


Bridging Differences Fellowship

Address polarization in your city. NLC University and UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) are inviting 15 cities to participate in the Bridging Differences Fellowship. As a fellow, you will get to learn about — and pilot — research-backed strategies to bridge political and cultural divides in your community. Deadline is October 11.


Additional Learning Opportunities
Transcripts & Badging
  • For all NLC University transcripts, click here.
  • We are excited to announce the NLC University social media badging through is active! system will allow you to attach your NLC University award badge(s) to your social network profiles such as Facebook and LinkedIn. For more information about how to add your digital badges, click here.