NLC + ecoAmerica: Elevating Local Climate Action

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The National League of Cities (NLC) is proud to announce a new program aimed at elevating local climate engagement activities by its members and affiliates in nearly 19,000 American cities and towns. In light of the need to prevent pollution, while also preparing for adverse impacts anticipated by our changing climate, NLC is partnering with ecoAmerica, a national climate communications and engagement group, to provide tools and resources to all its members.

The new program is a part of NLC’s Sustainable Cities Institute (SCI), which provides convening opportunities, direct technical assistance and leadership training for cities to mitigate and adapt to the effects of a changing climate. SCI helps cities identify and implement proven strategies to preserve clean air, clean water, and clean land.

Together, the two organizations will regularly release resources, host webinars, and provide additional programming for NLC members. 


Moving Forward: A Guide to Building Momentum on Climate Solutions in Your Community

"This guide is for civic leaders in smaller and mid-size communities that want to lead on climate and sustainability but may lack full-time sustainability staff.

Let's Talk Communities and Climate

"Let's Talk Communities & Climate" provides research-proven practices for successful climate communication, this guide can play a vital role in every community leader’s tool kit.

15 Steps for Climate Communication

"15 Steps to Create Effective Climate Communications" outlines the specific flow for creating and delivering successful climate change communications that resonate with your target audience.

Let's Talk Climate

"Let's Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Americans" helps start a new and successful conversation on climate. The messages within connect with values, identities and priorities to capture attention, inspire hope, and motivate action on climate solutions among Americans.

American Climate Values Survey

"The American Climate Values Survey" assesses climate and other values to provide information and insights for people who want to increase the effectiveness of their efforts to build public support for climate solutions. 


NLC CEO & Executive Director Clarence Anthony and ecoAmerica President Bob Perkowitz announce new partnership to provide cities with climate communications resources.