Postsecondary Success City Action Network (P-SCAN)

The Postsecondary Success City Action Network (P-SCAN) helps mayors’ senior staff as they lead efforts to promote postsecondary access and completion.

Since 2010, P-SCAN has responded to cities' growing interest in postsecondary educational success by providing senior mayoral staff with peer learning opportunities. Through a competitive process, 18 cities were selected to participate in P-SCAN. Members include Berkeley, CA; Corpus Christi, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Memphis, TN; Nashville, TN; Pasadena, CA; San Antonio, TX; St. Paul, MN; Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; Grand Rapids, MI; Houston, TX; Minneapolis, MN; Pittsburgh, PA; Providence, RI; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Washington D.C.

Members of P-Scan, a subset of the YEF Institute's longest running peer network, the Mayors' Education Policy Advisors Network (EPAN), were recommended by their mayors in a letter of interest.


The YEF Institute convenes at a no-cost annual P-SCAN meeting and use e-newsletters, an online community, and audioconferences and webinars to foster connections and communication among members. City rrepresentatives will have the opportunity to work closely with their peers to clearly define results and build consensus around key measures for assessing the progress of college completion. 

As key lessons emerge from the work of P-SCAN, the YEF Institute will continue to identify and share effective strategies with cities and towns across the nation. 

How to Join

P-SCAN is open to EPAN members.  For more information, contact Miles Sandler at (202) 626-3153 or