National League of Cities Centennial ‘Roadshow’ Travels to Missouri 

July 3, 2024 - (3 min read)

Washington, D.C. – The National League of Cities (NLC) is excited to announce the next leg of its Centennial Roadshow: 100 Years, 100 Cities. This monumental event, celebrating the organization’s 100th anniversary, aims to celebrate the diversity, resilience and transformation of America’s local communities. After a century of dedicated service to cities, towns and villages across the nation, NLC embarked on a journey to commemorate its historic milestone. 

The roadshow kicked off in February at the University of Kansas, where the organization was founded. NLC has been traveling across the country ever since, making stops in cities of all sizes, from coast to coast.  

“The National League of Cities Centennial Roadshow has taken us to remarkable cities, towns and villages,” said Clarence E. Anthony, CEO and Executive Director of the National League of Cities. “We have had the pleasure to experience the unique history and transformative initiatives that contribute to making the places we have stopped along the way great places to live, work and play. We look forward to meeting the dedicated local leaders and their communities throughout the Midwest who continue to work relentlessly to drive positive change in their communities.” 

NLC will be making visits to the following municipalities in Missouri beginning July 8:  

  • Florissant, MO 
  • St. Charles, MO 
  • University City, MO  
  • Clayton, MO 
  • St. Louis, MO 
  • Webster Groves, MO 

Each stop of the roadshow spotlights unique stories and experiences from municipalities, showcasing the remarkable achievements and contributions of local governments. The stop in St. Louis, MO, will feature a session led by Enterprise Mobility, one of NLC’s Centennial Collection sponsors, highlighting innovative solutions and collaborative efforts addressing St. Louis’s transportation challenges and opportunities, successful community projects, and the vision for a more sustainable and inclusive future. 

About NLC’s Centennial Collection 

NLC’s Centennial Collection consists of a select group of partners committed to the future of local government. Currently, these partners include Google, Wells Fargo and Enterprise Mobility. As NLC celebrates and charts a course for the next 100 years, we are proud to have the support of these partners, who will be with us throughout the year, showcasing their plans to support cities, towns and villages across the United States for the next century. We extend our gratitude to our Centennial Collection for their invaluable support.  

For media interested in scheduling an interview or accompanying the NLC Roadshow tour bus as it visits a particular city, please email


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