Statement Regarding National League of Cities Support of Ukrainian Local Leaders

March 13, 2022 - (2 min read)

Washington, D.C. — The National League of Cities has a long history of advocating for local democracy and standing up for the rights of municipal leaders. Our organization and our membership have also worked to build connections between municipal leaders worldwide. Cities across America are taking steps to stand in solidarity with Ukraine – from the City of Tacoma sending supplies to their Ukrainian sister City to cities like Charleston and Columbus passing resolutions in support of Ukraine.

The leadership of the National League of Cities stands united with the cities, towns, and villages of Ukraine, who are standing up for their democracy. The first responsibility of every mayor, council member and local leader is to keep their residents safe and free of oppression. We recognize and applaud the bravery of the municipal officials and public servants in Ukraine who are working to protect the citizens’ lives, liberty, and property in their communities.

The National League of Cities supports the United States taking an active role in ending the current crisis and condemns the unwarranted aggression of the Russian government. We also encourage local leaders to directly support the humanitarian efforts of Ukrainian municipal officials who are on the front lines of this conflict.


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