Survey Results Reveal How Cities Are Investing in Young People During the Pandemic

February 24, 2022 - (2 min read)

Washington, D.C. – The National League of Cities (NLC) is releasing the results of a new National Municipal Afterschool and Summer Learning survey which reveals the evolution of municipal investments in afterschool and summer learning programs throughout the pandemic.  

Afterschool and summer learning opportunities are vital for student success and have played a particularly supportive role in the lives of children and families throughout the pandemic. These programs often serve as a lifeline for young people to access essential enrichment and recreational activities, nutritious snacks and meals, academic support, and career exposure, while also assuring working families that their children are safe and engaged. Municipal budgets were severely impacted during the peak of the pandemic, forcing many city-funded afterschool and summer learning programs to temporarily shut their doors or reduce capacity. Despite this setback, a new survey by the National League of Cities reveals how local governments have stepped up and redoubled their efforts to support afterschool and summer learning during this critical time. Findings signal good news for the future of these programs as well. 

NLC’s Institute for Youth, Education, and Families (IYEF) is excited to release these survey findings highlighting how cities have utilized their afterschool and summer learning programs to respond to the challenges that young people and their families have experienced throughout the pandemic. The findings demonstrate the key role that cities, towns, and villages play in the pandemic recovery, and the growing value that local elected officials place on these critical youth programs to address student need. The survey addressed questions regarding program offerings, investment changes between pre-pandemic and pandemic recovery time periods, partnerships, funding streams utilized, and how municipal leaders’ perceptions of importance changed from before the pandemic to today.  

NLC released the full report in March of 2022 detailing eight findings along with ten action steps for city leaders to consider. Accompanying the report, the release of a new interactive data dashboard that allows members of the media and the public to view the survey data in closer detail. Download the report learn more about the 8 key findings from the survey and 10 action steps for municipal leaders to expand or improve their community’s afterschool and summer learning programs.

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