National League of Cities Statement on Conviction of Derek Chauvin

April 20, 2021 - (3 min read)

Washington, D.C. – Following the conviction of Derek Chauvin of guilty on all counts, National League of Cities (NLC) CEO and Executive Director Clarence Anthony issued the following statement:

“It is encouraging to see justice done on behalf of George Floyd and his family, and to witness the power of so many Americans using their voices to fight to end systemic inequities in our policing. But we know that there is much more work to be done. This case and countless others have shone a stark light on the deep wounds our country is facing, and the long path we face to heal and recover from that harm in each of our communities.

“We are facing a national reckoning on racial justice and policing. The very institutions charged with protecting our communities are failing Black, Latinx, and other communities of color, a fact we have borne witness to yet again with the deaths of Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright. As a nation, we simply cannot continue on as we have before. We must center racial equity and community engagement at the heart of public safety, responding to those who cry out for justice with open hands, offering more than just our words.

“Now is the time for local leaders across the country to listen closely to the communities they serve about the realities they face every day, and to drive meaningful changes in local approaches to public safety. People are hurting, and this is an intensely emotional period for many Americans. As we reflect on today’s outcome, I urge both our elected leaders and residents to communicate openly and transparently as each city, town and village charts a path forward. For those who choose to demonstrate, I encourage you to make your voices heard peacefully and work together with your neighbors to help all of our communities heal during this difficult time.

“As an organization, the National League of Cities is committed to working closely with our local leaders and their residents as we reimagine public safety in an equitable and humane way. These long-standing systemic inequities deserve comprehensive and durable solutions, built on strong partnerships between residents, law enforcement, community leaders and the public officials we represent in all 19,000 cities, towns and villages across the nation. By working closely and directly with our members at the local level, we will continue to promote and advance initiatives that can protect all members of our communities while dismantling the dangerous inequities that have persisted in our institutions for generations.”

For resources on how state and local governments can reimagine public safety and justice reform, please click here. For information on NLC’s Reimagining Public Safety Task Force, please click here.


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