NLC Applauds the Biden-Harris Administration’s Action to Reduce Gun Violence

April 8, 2021 - (3 min read)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Biden-Harris Administration announced executive actions to curb gun violence across the country. Following the announcement, National League of Cities (NLC) CEO and Executive Director Clarence Anthony issued the following statement: 

“Our residents in cities, towns and villages across the country are facing a gun violence epidemic with tragic human costs and a devastating economic impact that must not be ignored. Our communities, especially communities of Black and Brown residents, are suffering and deserve immediate and comprehensive solutions from all levels of government to keep them safe.  

“We support the Biden-Harris Administration’s actions to help local governments combat the rise in gun violence, and would especially like to thank the Administration for taking action to increase federal funding to help local governments establish critical community violence intervention programs. NLC also strongly supports federal efforts to help state and local governments establish extreme risk protection order laws, known as “red flag” laws.  

“While these actions are an important first step, we urge Congress and the Administration to adopt statutory, regulatory, and policy actions to confront, curb, and eventually eliminate gun violence in America, including: 

  • Provide additional funding to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) to work closely with local law enforcement officials to arrest gun traffickers and shut down the illegal sale and distribution of firearms; 
  • Expand and enhance the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to ensure every state’s criminal records are easily entered and updated; 
  • Require anyone who is selling or transferring a gun to check appropriate records through and authorized federal firearms licensee (FFL) to ensure the person acquiring the firearm is not a prohibited person; 
  • Increase additional funding to state and local governments to upload standardized real-time data to NICS; and 
  • Establish a bipartisan commission to recommend legislation to reduce gun violence in the United States. The Commission’s appointees should include federal, state, and local officials, gun rights advocates, survivors of gun violence, law enforcement officials, and medical and mental health providers.  

“Every American deserves to feel safe in his or her community. NLC is committed to working with the Biden-Harris Administration and Congress to pass comprehensive legislation to reduce gun violence in our cities, towns, and villages.”  

More information about NLC’s commitment to reducing gun violence is available here.


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