NLC Statement on President-elect Biden’s COVID-19 Relief Package

January 14, 2021 - (2 min read)

Washington, D.C. – Following President-elect Joe Biden’s announcement of his comprehensive plan to tackle the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, National League of Cities (NLC) CEO and Executive Director Clarence E. Anthony issued the following statement:

“President-elect Biden’s COVID-19 rescue package brings hope to the millions of Americans in our cities, towns and villages who have been devastated by the effects of this pandemic. The American people are suffering, facing unprecedented job losses and fear for themselves and their loved ones as this virus continues to ravage our communities. This plan lays the foundation for the critical and holistic support we need to fight back and begin to rebuild, arming local governments, health departments, businesses, and citizens themselves with the funding they need to mount a strong defense.

“We are especially encouraged by President-elect Biden’s inclusion of $350 billion in direct aid to state and local governments in this rescue package. Delivering direct, flexible aid to local governments across the country is an essential step to fueling our nation’s economic recovery and will offer local officials and their communities the resources they need as they manage mounting costs and increasing demands on local government resources to protect their residents.

“There is no time to play partisan politics. NLC urges the new Congress to move quickly to support this package and give Americans a fighting chance to survive both this pandemic and the economic consequences incurred.”


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