Pass a Resolution Supporting Transportation Funding

Passing a resolution during your city's council meeting and sending copies to your congressional delegation, local media, NLC, and others can help show your entire community's support for congressional action on transportation. You can use the sample resolution below as a guideline, or draft your own.

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Sample Resolution:


WHEREAS, transportation is fundamental to the vitality and strength of [CITY] and the State of [STATE], its cities and neighborhoods, its economy and public safety; and

WHEREAS, the transportation infrastructure is underfunded and in many ways inadequate to facilitate economic growth, businesses' distribution needs, downtown revitalization, and future population trends; and

WHEREAS, key projects like the [LIST EXAMPLES HERE] remain incomplete, despite widespread support and decades of study, due to inadequate available funding; and

WHEREAS, public transportation continues to gain riders yet suffers from a shortfall in funding; and,

WHEREAS, public transportation and other alternatives help alleviate traffic, minimize pollution and accommodate under served and environmentally aware residents; and

WHEREAS, road, highway, transit and bridge improvements have traditionally enjoyed bipartisan support in Congress; and

WHEREAS, federal transportation programs expire on September 30, 2014 and federal funding may run out before that time; and,

WHEREAS, the federal tax on gasoline has not been raised since 1993; and,

WHEREAS, the US Department of Transportation has warned states that funding for projects will cease; and

NOW, THEREFORE, in order to improve the economy and quality of life in [CITY], and to better ensure the safety of our citizens, it is hereby resolved and enacted by the City Council of [CITY] does hereby endorse and support efforts to pass a bipartisan, long term funding program for transportation; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Congress move quickly on a long-term program for highway, bridge, and transit that provides local officials a voice in selecting the projects that encourage economic vitality, strengthen neighborhoods and public safety,

BE IT RESOLVED, that uncertainty in funding will cause projects to be delayed, result in the loss of economic activity and hurt business mobility and threaten economies,

RESOLVED AND ENACTED by at a regularly scheduled public meeting held this [DATE], a quorum being present.