NLC in the News 2011


12/28/11 Millburn Ends On-Call Trash Haul as Tax Cap Hits N.J.'s Richest Bloomberg

12/26/11 Falling home values mean budget crunches for cities The Washington Post

12/16/11 Mayor under siege PBS Need to Know

12/6/11 Towns building on spec to lure businesses USA Today

12/6/11 U.S. States, Cities Face Accounting Push to Disclose Forecasts Bloomberg

12/4/11 NLC calls for federal jobs legislation American City and County

12/1/11 States Want to Collect Sales Taxes From Online Retailers The Bond Buyer

12/1/11 Trading Tax Dollars for the Key to the City Bloomberg



11/25/11 Confessions of a Messy Regionalist

11/24/11 Trenton Taking Christie's Millions Shows Mayors Losing Control Bloomberg

11/22/11 Congressional Stalemate May Trim State Aid While Shielding Munis Bloomberg

11/22/11 Supercommitte's Failure Gives Reprieve to State and Local Governments The Bond Buyer

11/18/11 U.S. debt deal has states, cities bracing for cuts Reuters

11/18/11 Associations upset at CDBG cuts American City and County

11/17/11 Avondale mayor moves up to key post in League of Cities Arizona Republic

11/16/11 Bluffton's Ellis named head of national city association Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

11/15/11 Auburn mayor wins national award Athens Banner-Herald

11/15/11 Bankrupt Harrisburg holds Wild West auction BBC News

11/14/11 St. Paul's Coleman joins leadership ranks with National League of Cities St. Paul Pioneer Press

11/7/11 Employment still weak, NLC calls for passage of jobs act American City and County



10/27/11 Muni Officials Make Case for Tax-Exempts to Congress, White House The Bond Buyer

10/20/11 Counties in U.S. Employ Fewer Workers Than in 2010, Survey Shows Bloomberg

10/19/11 Federal grants support sustainable infrastructure efforts American City and County

10/18/11 Cities face challenge of integrating immigrants American City and County

10/17/11 Budget cuts claim hundreds of thousands of county, city jobs USA Today

10/13/11 A Local Solution to a Bond Insurance Problem Governing

10/12/11 City Fiscal Conditions Report May Reflect a "New Normal" MuniNet Guide

10/3/11 City Leadership Increasingly Important in After School Beyond School blog (Education Week)

10/1/11 Locals engage growing Hispanic population American City and County



9/28/11 Biggest spending cuts by city governments in one chart Wonkblog (Washington Post)

9/28/11 Christopher Hoene, NLC's Director of the Center for Research and Innovation Washington Journal (C-SPAN)

9/28/11 Eight Ways Cities Reduce Employee Costs: National League Of Cities Huffington Post

9/27/11 National League of Cities reports worsening finances for local budgets Nation Now blog (Los Angeles Times)

9/27/11 Housing Slump Will Hurt Cities Well Into Future US News & World Report

9/27/11 Cities Hit Hard by Slump, Adding to Cloudy Economic Picture PBS News Hour

9/27/11 Report: Fifth Consecutive Year of City Revenue Decreases Governing blog

9/27/11 City officials struggling to make ends meet Bottomline blog (MSNBC)

9/27/11 Financially-strapped cities cut jobs, services CNN Money 

9/27/11 U.S. cities' fiscal pain may become chronic: survey Reuters

9/27/11 For Strapped Cities, a 'New Normal' Wall Street Journal

9/27/11 More Gloom Lies Ahead for Cities, Report Says New York Times

9/27/11 U.S. Cities Face Lower Collections, Higher Costs Bloomberg

9/15/11 National League of Cities touts construction in NC Associated Press

9/14/11 Obama Proposal Stuns Market The Bond Buyer

9/13/11 Obama Proposes Limits on Tax-Breaks for Municipal-Bond Investors Bloomberg

9/9/11 Focus on infrastructure earns associations' approval of Obama's Jobs Act American City and County

9/6/11 Sales Set to Slip to Seven-Year Low as Issuers Curb Spending: Muni Credit Bloomberg

9/4/11 Amazon, Taxes - and Us (Neal Peirce, Washington Post Writers Group) 



8/29/11 Earthquake renews calls for Congress to reallocate D Block spectrum American City and County

8/11/11 Association: Federal, city debt are different American City and County

8/10/11 S&P Drags Cities Into the Brave New World Forbes

8/5/11 State, local job loss menaces US recovery-analysts Reuters

8/5/11 What Central Falls and the Debt Deal Mean For Cities Fed Watch (Governing blog)



7/26/11 Long-Term Fix Urged For Debt The Bond Buyer

7/25/11 Local governments urge Washington to settle debt debate American City and County

7/24/11 Mayors tell Congress to compromise on debt-ceiling, add stimulus spending The Hill

7/22/11 Budget Woes Strike Most Major U.S. Cities US News & World Report

7/22/11 City leaders pressure Congress to get a deal done On the Money (The Hill blog)

7/8/11 State and local governments bleeding jobs Reuters 


6/27/11 The Local Government Pension Squeeze Wall Street Journal

6/17/11 Big Assist: Team Pays the Tab Wall Street Journal

6/14/11 Plan released to keep Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, from bankruptcy filing CNN

6/13/11 Public safety programs reach out to immigrant communities American City and County

6/13/11 Coping with Stress You're the Boss (New York Times blog)

6/11/11 State and Local Jobs on Chopping Block CNN

6/7/11 City, State Leaders to Host Out-of-School-Time Summits Beyond School (Education Week blog)

6/6/11 State, local layoffs to hit record levels CNN

6/3/11 Wisconsin Issuer Roils Muni Field Wall Street Journal



5/31/11 The New Fiscal Nightmare: 2012 State Budgets Cuts The Fiscal Times

5/31/11 Falling Home Prices Erode Nest Eggs, Local Government Budgets Fox News

5/20/11 States cut money sent to cities, counties Reuters

5/2011 The Truth about Bankruptcy Governing



4/26/11 National League of Cities' Website Sports a New Look - and Enhanced Content MuniNetGuide 

4/23/11 Oil Price Woes: Fewer School Buses, Police Cars The Fiscal Times

4/20/11 U.S., Chinese mayors in Seattle to talk economic growth Seattle Times

4/17/11 Amid cuts, a lobbying push to restore government programs The Hill

4/15/11 States, cities brace for budget deal cuts Reuters

4/12/11 U.S. Federal Budget Cuts to Hit Cash-Strapped Cities, Transit Bloomberg

4/8/11 US Muni-Bond Market Sees Little Harm If Government Shuts Down Dow Jones (via Wall Street Journal)

4/7/11 Local leaders preparing for federal shutdown Baltimore Sun

4/6/11 Asians, Hispanics tip urban growth Washington Post


3/30/11 Real Estate Crash Catches Up to Cities as Property Taxes Slide Bloomberg 

3/30/11 Tax Revenue Snaps Back Wall Street Journal

3/27/11 Municipalities trim health services amid housing bust Washington Post

3/24/11 3 reasons why munis are still safe Fortune

3/23/11 States Pass Budget Pain to Cities New York Times

3/19/11 Economy's strain on local governments grows severe Associated Press

3/16/11 Local Groups Amplify Call To Save Block Grants Dow Jones

3/16/11 Local officials plead to Senate not to cut grants Reuters

3/15/11 Michelle Obama to city leaders: Anti-obesity campaign can help economy 44 (Washington Post blog)

3/15/11 First Lady warns of obesity's economic challenge The 1600 Report (CNN blog)

3/15/11 Michelle Obama takes 'Let's Move' to cities Politico

3/12/11 Now is time to shore up support Patriot Times (Commentary by Sen. John Kerry)

3/10/11 Mayors balk at cuts to community grants The Washington Times

3/8/11 Infrastructure, efficiency top subjects in mayors' addresses American City & County

3/8/11 State, local lobbyists push to save programs from budget ax The Hill

3/2/11 GOP Seeks to Scrap Four Housing Programs Governing 



2/27/11 Proposed Cuts To Block Grants Spark 'Outrage, Panic' National Public Radio

2/23/11 Groups Complain to SEC About Muni Adviser Definition The Bond Buyer

2/21/11 One More Job Lost in the Recession: The Mayor's New York Times

2/18/11 Report: States don't need bankruptcy option American City & County

2/17/11 Bloomberg Offers 'Good News' on New York's Budget New York Times

2/16/11 What GOP budget cuts say about party priorities MSNBC

2/14/11 Obama's budget directs money to infrastructure, cuts CDBG American City & County

2/13/11 In effort to foster civility, officials ask input on cuts  USA Today

2/8/11 Cities, States Face Tough Choices on Debt Amid Cash-Flow Concerns PBS NewsHour

2/2/11 Expert says municipal bond market is stable American City & County (podcast)

2/1/11 New guide touts tech's role in fostering civic engagement in nations' cities CivSource

2/1/11 Whitney Municipal-Bond Apocalypse Short on Specifics Bloomberg


1/26/11 State Defaults in U.S. Unlikely 5O% of Investors Say in Poll Bloomberg

1/25/11 Financial Strains on Cities The Diane Rehm Show (National Public Radio)

1/22/11 NLC's Christopher Hoene, Director of Research & Innovation CSPAN's Washington Journal 

1/21/11 Wall Street Says Talk of State Fiscal Collapse is Overblown Fox Business

1/20/11 Muni Bonds: Default Fears May Be Overblown Bloomberg BusinessWeek

1/19/11 A Lagging Local Tax Governing

1/19/11 How To Save America's Cities With Data Analytics Forbes

1/17/11 Camden, N.J., to lose nearly half its cops CNN Money

1/12/11 Whitney Defends Muni Call, Sees 'Indiscriminate Selling'

1/9/11 Public Sector Pensions: A Time of Reckoning

1/7/11 Local-Government Jobs Fell to Four-Year Low Last Month Amid Budget Cuts Bloomberg

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