The National Municipal Policy is a compilation of federal policy positions adopted by the full NLC membership. These positions focus on federal actions, programs, and legislation that directly impact municipalities and guide all of NLC’s federal advocacy efforts.

The policy development process is dynamic and inclusive, encouraging NLC members to identify emerging topics of immediate and long-term consequence to the nation’s cities and towns and allowing them to develop standing positions and advocacy strategies. Every year, members may submit amendments to standing policy and propose resolutions addressing timely issues or specific pieces of legislation. Submissions are then forwarded to the policy and advocacy committees of jurisdiction for review and consideration; from there, they are adopted by the full membership at the Annual Business Meeting at the NLC City Summit.

Once adopted, standing policy language remains in effect permanently until it is amended by the NLC membership. Resolutions sunset after one year unless action is taken to renew them for another year or incorporate them into permanent policy language.

Download the 2024 NLC National Municipal Policy, adopted at the 2023 City Summit.