Mayor Steve MacDougall, Lexington, S.C.

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I ran for office because... I decided to get involved in the local government in my hometown.

While in office I would like to accomplish... I would like to leave the Town of Lexington better than how I found it.

In one word, NLC is... Fantastic!

The best advice I ever received was... Always keep your door open, and don't make decisions in the midst of heated discussions.

My favorite part of my job is... Executing the Vision Plan developed by the Town of Lexington Council, staff and community in May 2012. To date, we have completed 15 projects.

What you should know about my city... As the town continues to grow, Lexington continues to offer more for the community. Lexington recently purchased an adaptive light communication system to help ease traffic congestion. Lexington will be the 1st municipality to have every traffic light communicate with one another. While the population is 20 thousand, the commuter's population expands daily to 136 thousand and this new traffic system will help people move quickly throughout the town.

Lexington also has one of the largest man-made lakes with 500 miles of shoreline. The town is also building brand new baseball facilities, a 900 seat amphitheater, walking and trails, and has partnered with local communities to build a new waste management system.

What advice would you give to a newly or young elected official? Try to spend - as soon as you can - some valuable time with your city employees.

City Spotlight: In 1785 Lexington County was established, changing the name from Saxe Gotha to Lexington in honor of the Massachusetts Revolutionary War battle. The county's first courthouse was built at Granby, located just south of present day Cayce. By 1861, when it was incorporated as a town, Lexington boasted a diverse population of lawyers, physicians, tradespeople, artisans and farmers. The Town of Lexington has continued to be the political center of Lexington County, one of the fastest growing areas of the nation. With new major highways passing nearby, the town continues to experience phenomenal growth. The people of Lexington are proud of their past and look forward to a promising future.