Mayor Matthew Surrency, Hawthorne, Florida

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How are you involved in the National League of Cities? 

How has NLC enriched your leadership skills and experience?
NLC has given me the opportunity to network with other officials across the country that have been through similar scenarios I find in my city currently. This provides me the opportunity to learn from their success and their challenges – without having to needlessly go through those challenges myself. NLC has also given me the opportunity to learn from workshops and sessions on innovative issues facing local governments today.

What advice do you have for newly elected officials and/or recently appointed city staff?
Get involved in an area you are passionate about. There is a place for everyone in NLC. Meet people outside your region that you can connect with throughout the year about issues you face locally.

What three tips can you share with fellow NLC members looking to become more involved and have a greater impact?

If there were a book written about your life, what would the title be?
"Extra Innings in Local Government: Through the Eyes of a Baseball Coach/Mayor".