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Facebook and NLC University

Leading for Inclusion and Action- Facebook for the Local Elected Official

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Join NLC University & Facebook for a unique learning and pilot opportunity!  

Want to join Facebook and NLCU to take your existing social media strategy to the next level? NLC University will be partnering with Facebook to help you Lead Through Disruption and gain strategies as well as work one on one with Facebook to develop new tools to help you engage your community.

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Sign up to be a part of the community of practice to work and learn with Facebook – we'll be offering an opportunity for up to 6 cities to pilot and be part of Facebook’s creation of new social media tools for local leader!

Samaschool and NLC University

Leveraging the Gig Economy in Your City- 2 Part Webinar Series & Coaching Opportunity


 Archived Webinar


Learn about the Gig Economy and How to Build an Economic and Workforce Strategy in your City.

We are launching a few special learning and strategy sessions including a new partnership with the nation’s leading Gig Economy strategists- The SamaSchool! Learn about the Gig Economy and what policies and practices you can employ in your city to leverage this workforce and economic strategy!