Internal Organization/Processes

NLC should start:

  • Breaking down silos for better collaboration when reaching out to members and more effective integration of research, best practice and advocacy
  • Communicating through a shared NLC calendar and weekly/monthly update newsletters or emails from each center – discussing organizational goals and collaboration at staff meetings
  • Fostering innovation and new ideas, by encouraging staff to try new things and supporting them if the experiment doesn’t work as planned
  • Developing or updating organizational policy and procedures (e.g., ethics; board-staff interaction; succession plans for sr. mgt, director and manager positions to ensure smooth transitions; guidelines for website formats and updating; SOPs for things that happen on a regular basis)
  • Improving our technology platform – asking members and staff who use technology what’s missing/what they need before investing
  • Better utilizing our resources by streamlining the roles of NLC’s departments

NLC should stop:

  • Operating in silos, not communicating, and competing against ourselves
  • Being so rigid and bureaucratic
  • Holding meetings without clear objectives
  • Operating on a month-to-month basis (without long-term plans)
  • Taking half measures when major overhauls are required
  • Implementing technology without testing with staff and members and responding to user feedback