Partnering with Agility Recovery Solutions

The Disaster Recovery Program is offered in partnership with Agility Recovery Solutions. Agility’s resources enable pools’ members to continue operations until their premises can be repaired and their usual equipment and lifeline services restored. Those resources cover four critical areas of post disaster need:

  • power generation
  • office space
  • technology assets
  • satellite connectivity for phone and internet access

Access to Agility disaster recovery resources is driven by the member municipality’s need for support, and is not tied to an insured event or a governmental disaster declaration. Most Agility responses are to isolated local emergencies, such as a fire that renders a building unusable, rather than to major disasters. Agility is thus useful even in states that do not believe they have a serious hurricane, earthquake or flooding risk.

Agility also provides each of a pool’s members with disaster-planning assistance through its online MyAgility planning tool. Each insured member has access to an experienced continuity planner who helps assess risk exposure and develop a customized plan that will enable faster return to municipal business after an event. MyAgility also includes a planning tool for members’ employees, called MyAgility Family, which helps members’ employees prepare their families for emergencies.

Real Results

Eight NLC-RISC member pools have joined Agility Recovery Solutions on behalf of their insured members. Read examples of how Agility has helped these members. There are multiple ways for member pools to provide disaster recovery services based on the unique needs of the pool and its members.


The Disaster Recovery Program began with NLC-RISC member pools subscribing individually to Agility for the benefit of their members. Most pools contracted for ten simultaneous declarations, to which their members shared access on a first-come, first-served basis. With ten simultaneous declarations, pool members could have simultaneous recoveries underway at ten different locations without sharing declarations with other member pools. This option is still available.


To reduce costs and increase the number of simultaneous declarations as compared to the Traditional Program, NLC-RISC worked with Agility, to develop the Shared Simultaneous Declarations Group Program. When fully implemented, groups of four pools will share the cost of, and access to, twenty simultaneous declarations. Each Group will be geographically diverse, so the member pools will be unlikely to need large numbers of simultaneous declarations at the same time. When the program is fully implemented, each pool in a group of four will pay for only five simultaneous declarations, instead of the usual ten, but will have access to up to twenty.  


Under the hybrid alternative, the pool joins the Shared Simultaneous Group Program and uses the savings to buy additional simultaneous declarations exclusively for the pool’s members, providing an additional tier of protection.

About Agility Recovery Solutions

Agility Recovery Solutions is a former division of GE with 23 years disaster recovery and business continuity experience. They are dedicated to creating and delivering innovative business continuity solutions that challenge the traditional industry barriers of scale, cost and complexity. As such, they provide comprehensive, packaged recovery solutions, consulting services and testing options to businesses across the United States and Canada.  They are headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. with distribution centers in Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ and Toronto, Ontario. Agility maintains $35 million of technology assets.  In addition, Agility has direct access to over $100 million of additional equipment across North America through priority relationships with some of the world’s most-respected organizations.