Race, Equity And Leadership (REAL) Council

The REAL Council provides guidance to member leaders on efforts that address the impact of race and equity issues in their communities. The leadership of the REAL Council offers tangible insights and opportunities to apply a racial equity lens within cities and within each NLC leadership structure.

The objective of the REAL Council is to provide a space for local elected officials to connect on building equitable communities.

REAL Council Membership Details

The REAL Council is comprised of representatives from each of NLC’s committees, councils, advisory, and constituency groups. The REAL Council meets in person at the Congressional City Conference and City Summit. There is no extra cost for NLC members to join the council.  

Interested individuals can apply for NLC’s Member Councils every fall. Learn more about the leadership nominations and applications for councils, groups, and committees below.  

Get Involved

Login to MyNLC or connect with a representative from our membership team at membership@nlc.org for details on how to join.

About NLC Member Councils

NLC’s member councils bring together leaders from communities that are similar in size, type or another important characteristic. The councils provide a space for local leaders to network and exchange ideas around issues of importance to the varying types of communities.