ecoAmerica building climate leadership

The National League of Cities (NLC) is proud to announce a new program aimed at elevating local climate engagement activities by its members and affiliates in nearly 19,000 American cities and towns. In light of the need to prevent pollution, while also preparing for adverse impacts anticipated by our changing climate, NLC is partnering with ecoAmerica, a national climate communications and engagement group, to provide tools and resources to all its members.

The new program is a part of NLC’s Center for City Solutions work within the area of sustainability, which provides convening opportunities, direct technical assistance and leadership training for cities to mitigate and adapt to the effects of a changing climate. SCI helps cities identify and implement proven strategies to preserve clean air, clean water, and clean land.

Together, the two organizations will regularly release resources, host webinars, and provide additional programming for NLC members. 

Clarence Anothony and Bob Perkowitz speak about a climate engagement program for members. We can clean our air, our water, improve our health, protect our homes and create local jobs by investing in climate solutions

Our mission: to catalyze, support and celebrate city-led sustainability and resilience efforts.

The Sustainability Team works with communities across the country to:

  • Activate local and regional sustainability and resilience efforts;
  • Provide elected leaders and their staff with convening and peer-learning opportunities, direct technical assistance and leadership training; and
  • Elevate their successes so that others will be inspired to lead on climate issues.
  • Through active participation in our programs and partner networks, U.S. cities are deploying more equitable, sustainable, and resilient solutions.

Learn more about the NLC’s sustainability team. To contact staff working on sustainability within NLC’s Center for City Solutions, click here.