History's First Mayors

  • First City Mayor Elected by Popular Vote - Cornelius Van Wyck Lawrence in New York, New York on April 8 - 10, 1834.
  • First Female Mayor - Susanna Medora Salter in Argonia, Kansas on April 4, 1887.
  • First Female Mayor of a Major City - Patience Sewell Latting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 13, 1971.
  • First Socialist Mayor of a Major City - Emil Seidel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in April 1910.
  • First African-American Mayor of a Major City - Carl Burton Stokes in Cleveland, Ohio on November 7, 1967.
  • First Asian-American Mayor of a Major City - Norman Yoshio Mineta in San Jose, California in 1971.
  • First Mexican-American Mayor of a Major City - Henry Gabriel Cisneros in San Antonio, Texas on April 4, 1981.
  • First Korean-American Mayor - Cindy Ryu in Shoreline, Washington in January 2008.


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