Governance & Civic Engagement Resource Library

The Promise and Challenge of Neighborhood Democracy: Lessons from the Intersection of Government Community (2008)
This publication, in partnership with the Grassroots Grantmakers, the Deliberative Democracy Consortium, and NeighborWorks America, focuses of the neighborhood structures of Portland, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and other cities that have experimented with creative ways to engage citizens in public decision making and problem solving.

Working Productively with 21st Century Citizens (2007)
This Municipal Action Guide (MAG) discusses the challenges and solutions of establishing an effective democracy based governing structure.

Four City Practice Briefs on Governance

These four City Practice Briefs on Governance provide municipal examples of the different arenas of civic engagement.

The Rise of Democratic Governance: How Local Leaders are Reshaping Politics for the 21st Century (2006)
This resource offers a framework for understanding how local elected officials view issues and challenges they face in governing and the role citizen engagement plays in solving them.

Changing the Way We Govern: Building Democratic Governance in Your Community (2006)
A detailed guidebook with narratives and case studies to apply to the work of local officials, city staff or anyone involved with engaging citizens in governance.