Fellows Program

James Mitchell, Jr., Past President, NBC-LEO Foundation, Inc. and Immediate Past President, National League of Cities

About the Foundation Fellows Program

NBC-LEO's Foundation Board wants to encourage local government officials to strengthen their governance expertise and leadership capabilities. And, this is especially relevant for newly-elected local officials from cities and towns across the country.

Each year, two newly* elected African-American municipal officials will be selected from applicants to participate in the program. As fellows, they will participate in NLC's Congress of Cities Exposition in November, the Congressional City Conference in March, and NBC-LEO'S annual summer meeting. Fellows will also participate and receive credit in NLC's Leadership Training Institute (LTI) seminars. Some examples of the training curriculum include learning how to be better at influencing and inspiring others, gaining knowledge of budget management, and finding out how to craft a robust and practical action plan to implement innovation in the community.

*Newly elected is defined as being in office for a period up to 1-3 years.

"We are excited about raising awareness and launching the NBC-LEO Foundation's Fellows Program."

Traci Otey Blunt, Senior Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs at The RLJ Companies and NBC-LEO Foundation board member.

"From affordable housing to healthcare, the issues that take center stage in our lives are being debated at the local level first. These issues require active and informed leaders to solve them. I believe that the NBC-LEO Foundation Fellows program will be one bold, new way of positively impacting public policy. These new leaders will address the myriad of issues on the horizon and infuse new ideas and thought into the policy debates of the present and future." 

 Preston V. Lee, Jr., NBC-LEO Foundation board member