As recent primaries in cities across the country have demonstrated, local officials must take proactive steps to ensure that all voters are safe and feel empowered and motivated to vote during this election year. These efforts must be focused on groups that have been historically underrepresented, particularly Black, Latinx, and American Indian communities.   

NLC’s Local Democracy Initiative (LDI) invites you to explore innovative ways to help voters safely exercise their right to vote this November through an interactive workshop with ideas42. 

ideas42 is a world-renowned behavioral design firm, that is fully funded and staffed to support city governments like yours committed to implementing safe and accessible elections in 2020 and beyond.  

ideas42’s civic engagement team will share insights from decades of research that help cities identify and address systemic challenges that residents face when they try to vote — from voter registration to requesting a mail ballot to early voting.  

ideas42 will describe the range of ways city governments can explore pro-bono or low cost partnerships with them to achieve robust and representative participation in elections. Please see examples of ideas42’s work here


  • Tom Tasche is a Senior Associate at ideas42 who designs, implements, and evaluates behavioral solutions to challenges in civic engagement, public health, and postsecondary education
  • Omar Parbhoo is a Vice President at ideas42, focusing on programs that promote greater civic engagement and charitable giving in the US.
  • Maya Alper is a Senior Associate at ideas42 focusing on promoting civic engagement in the US.


Thursday, June 25

3:00-4:00 PM ET

ideas42 — a world-renowned behavioral design firm with philanthropy funding to support city governments — will lead participants from theory to practice as you learn key insights understanding what is impacting your residents’ rights and access to vote and to develop solutions together to bring all voters into the electoral process by helping them understand changes to upcoming elections, build confidence around different voting options, and follow through on their intention to vote. 

This is a workshop on shifting voter behavior you will not want to miss. 

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