When you look at social media and comments about national politics, everything seems so polarized. You see a lot of arguing, finger-pointing, and very little listening. Seventy percent of local government professionals say polarization has negatively affected their work, according to Polco research. When it comes to local government decisions for an entire community, polarization just doesn’t work. 

The good news is people are not as divided as one may think. And there are ways to combat polarization that are proven to work.  

In this session:  

  • Get exclusive data on how polarization is affecting local governments.  
  • Hear how you can gather more balanced, accurate community feedback. 
  • Discover other local government strategies on how to surmount political division. 

Register today to join NLC and Polco on Wednesday, December 6 at 3:00 p.m. ET to learn proven strategies to combat polarization at the local government level and unite people around the same mission to solve tough problems together. 


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