Investing in Early Childhood is an investment in today and our future. Early childhood and child care are essential factors in reopening our economy and getting back to work. And early childhood is an equity issue. Local government has a large impact on where and what resources and opportunities are available, having a real impact on a child’s prosperity. Frequently, existing revenue sources do not cover services for all the children and families who need them or do not allow for testing and implementing innovative approaches. And it is unsustainable for parents to bear the brunt of the cost. There are many variations in how communities finance and resource prenatal to age 8 services and programs, and more approaches are being tested each year.

Join us and hear from local leaders from across the country, how they are financing and resourcing early childhood success.

This webinar is the fourth in a four-part series in Early Childhood Municipal Policy 101. The series is designed to help leaders affect positive change in their communities through municipal policy.