Social determinants of health are a set of factors that contribute to health disparities. Conditions and environments in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes. They help us to understand the factors affecting an individual’s health. Health disparities, avoidable and unfair differences in health status between segments of the population, can lead to a state of health inequity in one’s business, community, region or country. The experiences of the past few years significantly impacted health and well-being at home, work, and where we live and provided a spotlight on the impact on our cities and states. 

What are the impacts on health, the workforce and costs?  How do things differ by state and region within this population? What can be done to address the issues and work to develop a healthier population?   

Join Cigna Healthcare and NLC on Wednesday, October 18 at 2:00 p.m. ET for a deeper dive and learn about Cigna’s research based on data collected from their local government clients. Also, discover how employers can positively impact the health equity of their employees. 


  • Paul Richards, Senior Informatics Consultant, Cigna Healthcare 
  • Michael Howell, MD, MBA, FACP, Regional Medical Executive, Cigna Healthcare 

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