City leaders have worked hard to protect the health and well-being of their residents throughout the long journey of the pandemic. The fatigue is real, the needs are ongoing, and collaboration has never been more important. Join this session with city leaders and community organizations to hear about how partnerships and culturally-competent engagement are making a difference. Speakers from NLC’s Hispanic Elected Local Officials Board and leaders in community health organizations will discuss strategies to improve vaccine access in Hispanic and Latino communities, sharing lessons that can be applied to your city.


  • Moderator – Aidee Nieves, President of Hispanic Elected Local Officials and Council President from Bridgeport, CT
  • Panelist – Adriana Rocha Garcia, Board Member of Hispanic Elected Local Officials and Councilmember from San Antonio, TX
  • Panelist – Susy Contreras, Community Development Director, Mexican American Opportunity Foundation – Los Angeles
  • Panelist – Sandra Martinez, Patient Engagement Regional Coordinator, Family Health Centers of San Diego