Cities are essential to economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Local elected officials are responsible for the physical and civic infrastructure America depends on, such as roads, bridges, and water systems. Cities deliver critical services to residents, such as public safety, workforce development and housing. Yet America’s cities, towns and villages are facing a double whammy—mounting expenses related to the pandemic, while tax revenues are declining—and are in urgent need of federal aid to maintain municipal operations, keep essential workers on the job, distribute vaccines, stabilize main streets and small businesses, and jumpstart economic recovery. In spite of the difficult economic challenges cities have faced since the recession and the multitude of challenges in 2020, local leaders have risen to the occasion. Many of our nation’s cities have made great strides forward through innovative partnerships, policies, programs and financing models. Cities large and small are cultivating desirable places for families to live, work and play and for businesses to succeed.  

In this session, local leaders from across the nation will discuss how their communities are solving the most pressing challenges of our time. Their stories and perspectives will help the 117th Congress consider the best ways to partner with cities to move America forward toward economic recovery.