The final push in the 2020 Census count was truly head-spinning, with the count extended and then shut down early due to the pandemic and the courts. Next up is Supreme Court oral arguments on November 30th on who is to be included in the count, a new untested use of government records that may invalidate residents, and a rush to tabulate the final census data for Congressional reapportionment, redistricting, and federal funding.

To get behind misleading numbers like the Census Bureau’s “99 percent count” of households, to understand the legislative and regulatory landscape for census data processing, and to accurately assess concerns, controversies, and what actions cities may be able to take to impact the next phases of the census, the Census Quality Reinforcement task force presents a briefing for municipalities, local elected officials, and local chief data officers in partnership with The National League of Cities and The Harvard Civic Analytics network at 1pm PST/4pm EST on Thursday, October 29th.


  • Host: Kyla Fullenwider, Beeck Center, Georgetown University
  • Census Quality Reinforcement task force chair: Denice Ross, Beeck Center, Georgetown University
  • Census Historian: Dan Bouk, Data & Society 
  • Former Census Bureau Director John Thompson 
  • Census Scientific Advisory Committee Chair Allison Plyer 
  • Mayor John Giles, City of Mesa, AZ 
  • NLC Federal Advocacy: Mike Gleeson