Cities have the power and authority to influence and impact the upward economic mobility of their residents through their day-to-day operations. Economic mobility is often described as how a person’s income and overall economic well-being increases over a lifetime.

When municipalities work to increase upward mobility, residents and municipalities benefit. Residents can achieve increased income, educational attainment, better access to physical and mental health resources, a higher quality of life, and the ability to pass on wealth to future generations. Cities benefit from increased revenue, greater public safety, and stronger local economies through small business development and advancing family-supporting employment.

Webinar participants will learn more about economic mobility, the roles and levers that local municipalities can use, and will hear how one city is working to advance the economic mobility of its residents.

Featured Speakers Include:

Stan John, Senior Program Officer, Economic Mobility and Opportunity at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Heidi Goldberg, Director, Economic Opportunity and Financial Empowerment in the Center for Municipal Practice

Join the Economic Mobility Peer Network

Cities are encouraged to review NLC’s Economic Mobility Toolkit to learn more about economic mobility and to join the Economic Mobility Peer Network to learn from peers and leading experts on topics designed to help support cities in boosting the economic mobility of their residents.