WEBINAR: Partnering with Military Installations

Feb 01,2018 12:00PM
Feb 01,2018 1:00PM

The military is important to our nation’s security and across the country, NLC members have military bases stationed in their communities. Like a city, a military installation oversees its own police department, a justice system, parks and recreation services and the base commander is the mayor. As a relatively independent and self-governing community, how are local leaders across the nation partnering with nearby military personnel to foster economic and social growth in the city?

NLC members with military communities are forging creative partnerships to deal with the common challenges like:

  • Fluctuating population size and demographics
  • Workforce stability and development
  • Revitalizing surplus property to expand residential and commercial options
  • Offering support services to military personnel and their families

Join us to get best practices from local leaders in Clearfield, UT, Fort Worth, TX, and Lakewood, WA.