Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy

Understanding Electric Franchise Agreements

Feb 05,2020 2:00PM
Feb 05,2020 3:00PM
Featured Speakers
  • Nick Kasza | National League of Cities

  • Jeffrey Cook | National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Jared Policicchio | City of Chicago

  • Robert Scheffel “Schef” Wright | Gardner, Bist, Bowden, Bush, Dee, LaVia & Wright, P.A.

An electric franchise agreement is a negotiated contract between a municipality and an electric service provider which among other stipulations grants the utility the right to serve customers in the city’s jurisdiction. In exchange for that right, these agreements often have a fee passed to the city’s general fund. These agreements typically exceed 20 years and many city personnel and elected officials may not have experience negotiating these agreements.

Join the National League of Cities and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to learn more about what franchise agreements are, how to prepare for a new agreement, and how they can be used to help meet your energy objectives.

And stay tuned for part two of this series, where we will investigate how cities have integrated renewable energy objectives into their agreements with lessons learned for other cities with similar goals.

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