Councilmember Wally Campbell, Goodyear, Arizona

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You can connect with Councilmember Campbell on Facebook, Twitter (@wallycampbell), and LinkedIn, or by visiting

How are you involved in NLC:
•    Transportation and Infrastructure Services
•    Military Communities Council Charter Member
•    Women in Municipal Government (WIMG)  
•    NLC University Fellow
•    First-Tier Suburbs Council
•    NLC Board of Directors Member

How has NLC enriched your leadership skills and experiences?
NLC has given me amazing opportunities to network with fellow councilmembers and broaden my leadership skills by learning from top government officials and NLC's excellent staff. My involvement with NLC University has given me the ability to be a better leader. To have the president of the United States address our conference is a testament to the importance of the National League of Cities. I am honored to be a part of this organization.

What advice do you have for newly elected officials and/or recently appointed city staff?
To newly elected or appointed councilmembers and staff, I recommend getting involved in NLC as quickly as you can. From this involvement, you will learn to be a more effective and dynamic leader in your hometown. NLC is your trusted, go-to source for research on any issue or policy facing your city.

What three tips can you share with fellow NLC members looking to become more involved and have a greater impact?
•    Attend NLC Conferences and sign up for the NLC University offerings. NLC University is an education and professional development initiative to help elected and appointed officials build the skills we need to govern better, serve, and advocate for our communities. 
•    Attend all sessions of the conferences and network with fellow councilmembers. Where better to learn what works or doesn't work in cities? We come from all over the United States, but we have so much in common with one another. NLC brings all of us together with one common goal: to make our cities better.
•    Be willing to listen and learn. Take what you learn back to your community and advocate for your residents.

If someone were to write a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
I would hope that the title might be "Caring Community Resident Made Goodyear a Better Place to Live Because She Cared."