Councilmember Ricky Barlow, Las Vegas, Nev.

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I ran for office because... I'm a native Las Vegan, and I have a desire to build a strong city and a local economy in which residents and businesses can thrive.

While in office I would like to accomplish... I would like to complete the many projects that are currently underway, and to vote for future projects that will bring more economic growth and employment opportunities for our residents.

Who I'm following on Twitter... the City of Las Vegas, other elected officials, CNN, CNBC, the White House - and NLC, of course.

NLC is... Working to strengthen cities across the country. Its conferences provide a time where leaders can collaborate with like-minded members, engage in conversation, and share ideas to improve cities nationwide.

The most recent accomplishments in my city are... The ongoing revitalization of downtown; Zappos (and their partnerships, which have filled many vacancies); the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, and their branding of the city.

The best advice I ever received was... Let your good values and principles guide your decisions, and get a good education in order to be a strong leader.

On my desk right now... City Council briefing notes, invitation to the Governor's event in Carson City, Business License confidential binder, Metropolitan Fiscal Affairs briefings, messages from constituents, and the Las Vegas Review Journal.

What you should know about my city... Las Vegas is a city on the cutting edge of technology. We are also moving toward having top medical facilities that specialize in finding cures for diseases. Our downtown has grown from a "ghost" town to a city that is a great place to live, work and play. The city is progressive and charitable to its citizens. The driving force of the city is the desire to build individuals' abilities to contribute and participate in its economic growth and wellbeing.

What does the future of cities look like? Urban communities will have much more dense populations. Sustainability of sewer, water and transportation will be improved to meet the needs of the residents. There will be a better use of new buildings, which will include residential as well as retail space.

Why should cities join the National League of Cities? To gain insight on happenings in other cities that can be utilized in their city. Cities benefit through collaboration and sharing ideas, and NLC provides an opportuinity for convening where agendas can find synergy and support.