City Showcase

NLC's annual conference, the Congress of Cities and Exposition, will be one venue for showcasing the programs selected to participate. 2013 City Showcase activities will take place during NLC's Congress of Cities and Exposition in Seattle, Washington, November 13 - 16, 2013. In addition, NLC provides a variety of other opportunities for these programs to be highlighted and engage in valuable networking experiences.


Leading up to the conference, programs selected to participate will be recognized and celebrated for being selected to participate in the City Showcase. Their participation will be announced through various NLC news outlets, including news alerts, press releases, and blog posts. Participating cities will also be recognized in publications of the 2013 Congress of Cities and Exposition and at a conference-wide event.


Representatives responsible for the development and operation of the selected programs will receive complimentary registration to the 2013 Congress of Cities and Exposition, where they will engage in conversations with conference attendees and colleagues to discuss their implementation strategies, successes, and lessons learned and display their information in the exhibit hall.

Knowledge Sharing

Representatives from these programs will be called upon to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in a variety of educational events throughout the Congress of Cities and Exposition and in future work, as NLC strives to highlight and learn from innovative practices that help city leaders build better communities.

2012 Participants

Ann Arbor, MI Ann Arbor Sustainability Framework
Arlington, MA Hoarding Response Team
Cathedral City, CA Cathedral City Energy Action Plan
Danvers, MA Project Sunshine
Delray Beach, FL   Community Solutions Action Plan
Flagstaff, AR City of Flagstaff Resiliency and Preparedness Initiative
Glastonbury, CT Purple Heart Homes
Hillsboro, OR Hillsboro Electric Vehicle Program
Kansas City, MO Enterprise Sustainability Platform
Kansas City, MO  Middle Blue River Basin Green Solutions Pilot Project
Lexington, SC Town of Lexington Vision Plan
Lowell, MA Neighborhood Impact Initiative
Moore, OK Recycle Moore
Nashville, TN Limitless Libraries
Newark, NJ Let’s Move! Newark
New Brighton, MN Read to Play
Northfield, MN   PRIMEtime Out-of-School-Time Collaborative
Perris, CA Enchanted Heights Sewer System
Savannah, GA Step Up Savannah
Sudbury, MA Regional Housing Services Office
Urbandale, IA Making a Connection

Boston Showcase
Boston, MA Boston Bikes
Boston, MA Boston Public Schools Team BPS and Parent University
Boston, MA Mayor’s Office of New Bostonians
Boston, MA Success Boston
Boston, MA Tech Goes Home
Boston, MA Thrive in 5 Boston