City Government Week


FLC sponsors City Government Week each year in October to highlight the crucial roles played by city governments in the lives of residents. Proclaimed by the governor, the week creates opportunities to teach residents about municipal government issues and encourage city-school partnership programs such as: essay contests, student mock city council meetings, speakers' bureaus of city officials addressing school and civic groups, shadowing of city officials and staff by students, city government career days, city hall tours, recognition of teachers using FLC's civics curriculum, and more.  City Government Week is part of an ongoing effort sponsored by FLC to raise public awareness about the services that cities perform and to educate the public on how city government works.

FLC sends information packets to city managers and city clerks with program suggestions, buttons, bumper stickers, media tips, a sample press release, a sample letter to the editor, a sample resolution.  FLC also disseminates its "My City: I'm Part of It, I'm Proud of It" and "ABCs of City Government" curricula to teach students about local government and its "Getting to Know Your Florida Cities" DVD to help citizens, the media, civic organizations, schools and others learn more about municipal government.

FLC has also formed a partnership with the Science Center Consortium of Florida and the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science in Tallahassee to create interactive exhibits on city government in science museums.  The City of Wonders exhibits have focused on disaster preparedness, interactive sewer systems, 911 response to car crashes, and linking visitors with Florida's cities.  Finally, FLC has supported state policies to promote civics education and knowledge about local government.  In 1997, FLC successfully worked with state legislators to amend the Florida Constitution so that public schools would be required to teach civics, and has more recently been working to include civics in the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. 


Municipal Government Week is presented by the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns to increase public awareness about municipal government. Cities and towns are encouraged to pass a local resolution and to implement programs that educate local citizens about the functions and benefits of municipal government. IACT shares tips for involving the public, local businesses, legislators, and students, as well as sample press releases, resolutions, and PSAs.


The Missouri Municipal League sponsors a Local Government Week and shares with its members sample resolutions, PSA announcements, media advisories and press releases.  Suggested activities include Mock Government Days for high school history, civics and social studies classes, open houses at city departments, essay contests with local schools, art contests for elementary schools, and tours of city hall with the mayor for winning students and their classmates.

North Dakota

The North Dakota League of Cities sponsors a City Government Week in which mayors and city councils from across the state issue proclamations and resolutions, and participate in a broad range of activities with local schools to promote awareness of the role of local government.


The Oklahoma Municipal League celebrates Municipal Government Week in March 3-7, encouraging cities throughout Oklahoma to engage students in the process of local government.  Mayors meet with students to spark their interest in getting involved in their communities, and many towns convene mock city council meetings with high school students.  Other mayors bring students to OML's spring legislative forum and to meetings between local officials and state representatives.