Cities, the Sharing Economy, and What's Next

It is safe to say that the sharing economy is thriving - it is upending traditional industries, disrupting local regulatory environments, and serving as a benchmark for innovation and growth. This is all happening at once, and there is no status quo; while emerging models are developing, the relative novelty of this issue precludes long-term, tested best practices. Additionally, there is no "one-size-fits-all" regulatory framework that every locality can or should apply to the influx of new economic activity. One of the truly innovative aspects of cities is their ability to experiment and develop unique, locally driven solutions to new challenges.

This National League of Cities report seeks to provide an analysis of what is currently happening in American cities so that city leaders may better understand, encourage and regulate the growing sharing economy. Interviews were conducted with city officials on the impact o f the sharing economy and related topics, and the report centers around five key themes: innovation, economic development, equity, safety and implementation.

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