Certificate of Achievement in Leadership Program

Program Enrollment:

Certificate of Achievement in Leadership program participants must officially enroll in the program. Participation in this program will allow you to organize your professional development around the critical skills necessary for excellence in leadership. Participants are not charged a fee to participate in the program, however you must notify your State Municipal League.

Leadership Development Competencies:

The Certificate of Achievement in Leadership program is built on the core leadership skills for local elected officials. Every year Leadership  seminars are offered at the Congress of Cities and the Congressional City Conference, along with an annual Leadership Summit and a variety of regional training programs, which address one or more of the competency areas.

Each competency area focuses on the essential leadership skills necessary for local elected officials. The competency areas include:

  • Cornerstone: Personal Leadership Growth and Development - general leadership theory, personal leadership qualities and characteristics.
  • Competent Practitioner: Leading Effective Governance - technical skills and knowledge specific to local government leaders.

  • Communicator: Effective Communications and Media Relations - skill in effective interpersonal interaction.

  • Collaborator: Building Communities through Inspiration and Empowerment - skill in developing and promoting partnerships.

  • Catalyst: Leading Innovation and Managing Change - skill in motivating, promoting change, and future orientation.

Certificate Levels:

Local Leaders who advance in the Certificate of Achievement in Leadership program will have completed training in the competencies necessary to lead into the twenty-first century. Each level of achievement will have its own form of recognition. The five certificate levels include:

Certificate Level Number of
Additional Requirements
Bronze: Leadership Fellow 16 5 ( 1 ea)
Silver: Leadership Executive 36 5 (2 ea)
Gold: Leadership Ambassador 50 5 (3 ea) Sate or Regional Leadership Role
Platinum: Leadership Statesman 67 5 (4 ea) National Leadership Role
Diamond: Leadership Regent 80 5 (4 ea) Serve as a mentor; earn 4 credits annually