Celebrate Small Cities Month!

Small Cities Month
Small Cities Month

At NLC, we know small cities can have a big impact. That's why we host Small Cities Month annually, celebrating the achievements and innovations of our small city members. Get ready to celebrate Small Cities Month this July by telling NLC why you love your small city. 

As part of NLC's Summer of Love, we want to highlight the stories and experiences that connect residents to their hometowns. 

This year's theme for Small Cities Month: Why I Love My Small City: Stories of Resilience, Courage & Community

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How Does Your Small City Show Love

Tell NLC how your small city, town, or village shows love for its residents and connects residents to their hometowns. How is your city responding to housing and infrastructure challenges? What ideas has your city adopted to increase and promote civic engagement? How is your city building a community that serves all ages?

We know small cities are unique and we want to know and highlight all the reasons that they are. 

Share your small city story

Send NLC your pictures. 

Send NLC a picture from your small city, town, or village that showcases life there and engagement among your residents. Pictures must be 300 dpi and include a photo caption. You can submit your photo and caption using the form below. 

Small Cities Proclamation

Celebrate Small Cities Month with the Small Cities Proclamation!

Download the document here or read the full description below.


(SAMPLE) Proclamation
National League of Cities Small Cities Month July 2019

Whereas small cities and towns under 50,000 population are the home to millions of Americans and constitute the vast majority of municipalities across the United States; and

Whereas small cities and towns strive to strengthen their communities through the provision of services and programs to improve the quality of life for all citizens; and

Whereas the federal government is an essential partner in the success of small cities and towns, and must be encouraged to continue to support programs and legislation that strengthen small communities; and

Whereas state governments are partners in the success of small cities and towns, and must be encouraged to continue to support key programs and legislation that strengthen communities; and

Whereas organizations, businesses, and citizens are partners in the success of small cities and towns, and must be encouraged to continue to grow their efforts to make small communities a viable choice for people to live in; and

Whereas during these challenging economic times, the need for a renewed intergovernmental partnership to support essential public services is more important than ever to ensure the safety and growth of small town America; and

Whereas the National League of Cities President and the Small Cities Council of the National League of Cities have declared July 2019, as Small Cities Month;

Now therefore, the Council of _____________________________ does hereby proclaim June 2018, as Small Cities Month, and encourages President Trump, Congress, state governments, organizations, businesses, and all citizens to recognize this event, and to work together this month and throughout the year to invest in small cities and towns to better the lives of all citizens.

___________________________________ [Mayor’s Signature]

Download Small Cities Month logo

Celebrate Small Cities month in July and show your pride as a small city by adding the Small Cities Month logo. 

Download your own. 

Color Logo

Black & White Logo 

Three ways to bring your small city leadership to the national level:
  1. Join one of NLC’s seven Federal Advocacy Committees to shape national policy that will benefit cities of all sizes. From transportation and infrastructure to municipal finance and economic development, the nation needs small city input.
  2. Connect with other small city leaders by joining the Small Cities Council. Share best-practices with colleagues who can give you real time advice and ecouragement. 
  3. Have a unique story? Share it. NLC's Citiesspeak blog shares trends in city leadership, up-to-date best-practices and stories of innovation. If your city, town or village is pushing the envelope, we want to hear about it. Contact stjean@nlc.org to find out more.