Bridgeton, Missouri

Brag a Little About Your Town

The city was tragically struck by an EF4 tornado on April 22, 2011.  While thankfully there were no fatalities, there were over 500 structures damaged, and 20% of the structures in city were completely destroyed.   Our city established a Tornado Relief Fund that was overseen by a special committee of volunteers and staff.  The Fund raised almost $90,000 to help fellow residents.  Not only did the residents of Bridgeton unite to overcome this tragedy, but they also reached out to a fellow Missouri community in the aftermath.

The city is unique in that it has many active volunteers from the community serving on various commissions and committees. Bridgeton has 14 volunteer commissions served by over 150 citizen volunteers. In addition to those required by the state our City has commissions unique to our city. Our many volunteers helped bring the community together and facilitate the clean-up following the tornado. Here are two examples:

  • Beautification Commission - Volunteers on this commission handle landscaping, improvement and beautification of city properties. Following the April 2011 tornado, this volunteer group was instrumental in securing trees and gifts from various nurseries
  • Special Events Commission - This group of community volunteers plans the annual Fourth of July parade and other city events throughout the year. This past April - one year after the tornado - they planned an event recognizing how the community came together successfully in the aftermath of the tragedy.

The Bridgeton volunteer commissions are official groups recognized in the community - they are comprised of volunteers from the city appointed by the mayor. Each commission has representatives from each ward.

Best Part About Membership in NLC

The opportunity to meet with peers from all over the country, and to interact with others in similar circumstances and from similar cities. Also, the educational opportunities are very valuable.