Boys and Young Men of Color

Boys and Young Men of Color My Brothers Keeper Rising
Boys and Young Men of Color My Brothers Keeper Rising

Boys and young men of color (BYMOC) face barriers in education and employment that impede upward mobility and opportunities for life success.   Yet, several initiatives and campaigns have emerged that focus on improving life outcomes for boys and men of color.  Simultaneously, the predicaments that boys and men of color face are viewed with a racial equity lens that seeks to understand the root causes of inequities and disparities.  Through REAL and its continuing work in the BYMoC field, NLC provides local elected leaders with the skills, knowledge, and tools to use racial equity as a foundation to align local efforts to the lives of all residents, including boys and men of color. 

BYMoC Initiatives

As cities continue to participate in initiatives that create opportunities for boys and men of color, many elected officials are finding that various local efforts can be better coordinated to maximize community impact and minimize silos. It is important to locally align BYMoC initiatives to effectively allocate and target resources, reduce redundancies in program services, and strengthen local policies.  Therefore, communities benefit, and cities are able to be more nimble in how they provide services and solutions to citizens.  A racial equity lens is also a foundational way to align efforts, as it provides a method for local elected officials to coordinate efforts to eliminate systemic inequities that harm communities.

Black Male Achievement

NLC's Black Male Achievement (BMA) initiative is a multi-year effort focused on supporting local elected officials and their communities to improve outcomes for black men and boys.  Driven by data and leveraging a framework, cities were provided best practices, peer networks, and tools to develop and implement citywide strategies, programs, and policies. Read NLC's City Leadership to Promote Black Male Achievement Municipal Action Guide.

Campaign for Black Male Achievement

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) is a national membership network that seeks to ensure the growth, sustainability, and impact of leaders and organizations committed to improving the life outcomes of Black men and boys. CBMA is a growing member network that currently includes more than 4,703 leaders representing nearly 2,555 organizations and programs across the country.  Read CBMA's Promise of Place BMA City Index.

Cities United

Launched in 2011, Cities United has grown to support a national network of mayors committed to working in partnership with community leaders, families, youth, philanthropic organizations, government officials, and other stakeholders to reduce the epidemic of homicide-related deaths and injuries plaguing African-American men and boys.  As a resource, Cities United helps mayors assess their current situations, increasing opportunities for awareness, action, advocacy, and accountability in communities across the country. 

My Brother’s Keeper

In September 2014, former President Obama issued a challenge to leaders of cities, towns, counties, and tribes to become “MBK Communities.” This challenge asked municipal leaders and local elected officials to work with community stakeholders to develop and implement strategies that support positive life outcomes for all youth, especially for boys and men of color, from cradle to career.  Over 250 mayors, tribal leaders, and county executives from across the country accepted the President’s challenge and committed to accomplishing at least two of its six goals.  Read MBK 2016 Progress Report.