Upcoming Webinar: State and Local Legal Center on Recent Supreme Court Cases

by Lisa Soronen
Executive Director, State and Local Legal Center

The State and Local Legal Center (SLLC) has organized a webinar on significant United States Supreme Court cases from this term affecting state and local governments. The webinar will be held on Thursday July 19 at 1:00PM EDT. 

Since 1983, the SLLC has filed briefs to the Supreme Court representing the interests of state and local governments. The National League of Cities serves as a SLLC trustee. 

One of the webinar speakers will be Paul Clement, who argued cases surrounding the Affordable Care Act, Arizona immigration, Texas redistricting, and four other cases before the Supreme Court this term. The other speaker will Patricia Millett, who argued three cases before the Court this term impacting state or local governments. A number of cases will also be discussed for which the SLLC filed briefs.

This webinar provides participants a unique opportunity to hear from and address questions to the attorneys intimately involved in many of the important cases currently before the Supreme Court. During the webinar, the speakers will talk about the practical implications of the Affordable Care Act cases, the Arizona immigration case, and Filarsky v. Delia, involving qualified immunity for government contractors, among a number of other cases. 

Register the July 19 webinar at: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/599978554 or on the State and Local Legal Center's website: http://www.statelocallc.org. Please contact Lisa Soronen atlsoronen@sso.org if you have any questions.