Transportation Sharing to be Highlighted at Congress of Cities

Seattle has long been a pioneer for new and innovative transportation modes that enhance both the environmental and economic vitality of the region.  At the Congress of Cities in November, attendees will have the opportunity to learn first-hand about some of Seattle’s most popular shared transportation programs as part of the City Showcase. The Transportation Sharing booth will feature both car sharing and bike sharing – flexible, convenient transportation options to traverse through cities.  See below for what you can expect to learn!

car2go: A new form of mobility

Nearly anywhere you go in Seattle, there’s a car2go. With close to 500 smartcars in its fleet, members find an available car with a smartphone app, press their membership card to the windshield, hop in, drive to their destination, park, leave the keys in the car, lock the doors and they’re done!  This pay-by-the-minute service allows Seattleites to use a car without the commitment of ownership in a convenient, environmentally-friendly way.

Authorized by the Seattle City Council, these low-emission and energy-efficient smartcars are located on city streets all across Seattle.  car2go provides the expediency of driving with the sustainability of car sharing.

As a special bonus for NLC Conference attendees, car2go Seattle, a subsidiary of Daimler Mercedes-Benz, is offering FREE membership (usually $35) and 60 free minutes of driving time to enjoy during your stay in Seattle.

As a member of car2go Seattle, you will have access to 500 carsharing vehicles, free on-street parking, and the ability to take one-way trips. Sign up online and register with the promo code NLC0060.  Please allow 6-8 business days to receive your member card in the mail, or you may arrange to pick it up at the local office.

A car2go membership may be used in all car2go U.S. cities including: Washington DC, Austin, Miami, Portland, Denver, San Diego, Minneapolis, Columbus and Seattle. If you have any questions, please contact the local office at or 206-420-4684.

Puget Sound Bike Share: Connecting the Community by bike

Puget Sound Bike Share is a non-profit organization committed to bringing a bike share program to the Seattle area. A bike sharing system consists of a fleet of sturdy, durable bikes locked into a network of docking stations throughout a city. The bikes can be rented from, and then returned to, any station in the system, creating a network of low-cost, accessible and convenient transportation.

Puget Sound Bike Share will provide a new mobility option that extends beyond the reach of public transit, to increase opportunities to engage in healthy physical activity, and to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector.

The Transportation Sharing booth at the City Showcase will feature a parked car2go smartcar, as well as a prototype of the Puget Sound Bike Share program.  Staff from both organizations will be available, so stop by for an opportunity to ask questions and learn how to create shared transportation programs in your own city.

Camden Podesta is a Communications Intern with the Seattle City Council.