Public Comment Sought on New NFPA Fire Standards

Press Release
Press Release

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is seeking public comment on two draft standards that address fire protection.  The 1710 Standard dealing with staffing and response times in career fire departments is under revision and a new standard (1730) focuses on the elements of fire prevention programs.  Online comments must be sent to NFPA by May 16, 2014.

NFPA is a nonprofit organization that develops voluntary, consensus standards through the work of technical committees composed of individuals representing various interests. 

The National League of Cities (NLC) participates on the 1710 and 1730 committees. It works to ensure that NFPA standards support the management of community risks that are appropriate for governments’ unique, individual needs, rather than attempting to impose criteria that do not provide the flexibility to make judgments about risks, how to manage those risks and how to allocate resources that balance fire prevention and intervention.

NLC does not support the rigid staffing and response time objectives specified in the 1710 Standard.  The revision addresses resource requirements for garden-style apartments, strip shopping centers and high-rise buildings. 

NLC is working to provide further guidance in an explanatory annex to the 1710 Standard on other acceptable methods to reduce loss of life and property including fire prevention activities. The 1730 Standard’s approach of using a community risk assessment to determine the fire prevention activities most likely to reduce the number of fires in a community provides needed flexibility.  These activities are building inspections, code enforcement, plan review, investigations and public education.

To review the NFPA documents, go to and, click on the NEXT EDITION tab, create a free account, and sign in.  Then CLICK on:

The next edition of this standard is now open for Public Comment.

If you would like to see NLC’s draft comments, please contact Rasheeda Mitchell at 202-626-3173 or by email at

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