Progress Still Needed on E-Fairness Legislation

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Shopping Online

As Congress returns to its work this month, NLC continues to press for progress on e-fairness. Since Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) introduced the Remote Transactions Parity Act (RTPA, HR 2775) this summer, hundreds of city advocates have called on their representatives to cosponsor this bill.Besides the hundreds of city officials who have taken action in support of the legislation, the Arkansas Municipal League, the Colorado Municipal League, the Georgia Municipal Association, the Illinois Municipal League, the Michigan Municipal League, the Mississippi Municipal League, the Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities, the Oklahoma Municipal League, the Tennessee Municipal League, the Virginia Municipal League, and the Association of Washington Cities have also taken action to voice their support for the legislation with their congressional delegations.

Your collective action is having an impact. So far, a bipartisan group of nearly 50 have signed on as cosponsors to the legislation. If your organization has sent a letter and would like to see it included on our site, please forward a copy to

If enacted, the RTPA will give states and local governments the flexibility to require remote online retailers to collect the sales taxes that are already owed on remote purchases. Closing this online sales tax loophole would not only level the playing field between online sellers and Main Street brick and mortar ones who are required to collect the tax, it would also mean resources for local governments to fund much needed local services like infrastructure and public safety. It is estimated that this loophole costs states and local governments $23 billion annually, which is why its passage is a top priority for NLC and cities.

If you haven't already, contact your House members and thank them for their support if they are already a co-sponsor, or urge them to cosponsor the bill if they have not. If you would like to send your representative an official letter from your city, you can download sample letter language to use. You can also view a current list of organizations who have endorsed the bill online. Do your part to get e-fairness legislation passed this year.


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