Presidential Candidates Start to Talk City Issues - But More Conversation is Needed

Republican Debate October 28 Word Cloud
Republican Debate October 28 Word Cloud

During last week's presidential debate in Boulder, Colo., the candidates finally started to dig into the issues that the National League of Cities has highlighted in its Cities Lead 2016 campaign. However, the conversation was cursory at best and left much room for improvement. While the word "Washington" was used 43 times, the economy was mentioned only 28 times, and infrastructure and public safety each only got a single nod during the debate.

We need to make sure that cities are part of the conversation. Most American voters live in cities, and candidates need to pay attention to them.

That's why NLC is bringing attention to the city perspective before and during the next two debates, on Tuesday, Nov. 10 in Milwaukee and Saturday, Nov. 14 in Des Moines, Iowa. To pitch in, sign our Cities Lead 2016 petition in support of a city-focused platform including three issues: the economy, investment in infrastructure, and public safety.

Join together with thousands of local leaders from cities and towns around the nation to call for a serious discussion of our priorities. Together, we can ensure that cities are a part of the debate throughout the coming primary season, and that cities are an important partner for the next president.

We'll also have some fun in the process – if you'll be at NLC's Congress of Cities in Nashville between November 4 and November 7, you can pick up a presidential debate bingo card. Play along with NLC during the upcoming two debates, listen for key words and phrases we'd like to hear the candidates use, and you could win a prize from NLC!

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