NLC’s 8 Most Popular Articles and Blog Posts from 2013

Press Release
Press Release

In 2013, NLC produced content on a wide range of issues important to cities. From food truck regulations to solving chronic veteran homelessness and more, here are some of the issues that captured your attention and made the list of our most popular articles and blog posts from last year.

mapBuilding for the Future in an Uncertain Present

Regardless of the issue, cities lead. That’s the major finding of an analysis of 2013 State of the City Addresses given by mayors and city managers from 30 U.S. cities. Whether it’s the creative use of technology, partnership-building or simply better communication and coordination, local leaders are working to build strong and healthy communities for their residents.


Local Government Most Trusted by Americans in New National Poll

A Mason-Dixon poll conducted for the National League of Cities revealed that voters trust local government to address the issues that matter most to them more than any other level of government. The nationwide poll surveyed 1,000 registered voters in late March and early April.

Innovative Ideas

4 Ways Cities are Putting Innovative Ideas Into Action

Back in September, we highlighted four innovative local efforts in cities large and small that are making a big impact and serving as models for communities across the country. A common thread throughout these efforts is a commitment among city leaders to make their communities better for residents.

Food Trucks

Food Trucks not a Passing Fad

City ordinances related to food trucks were largely written decades ago, with vendors such as ice cream trucks and hot dog carts in mind. So what policy options do local governments have to regulate modern food trucks? Learn more about how communities can tailor regulations so that both cities and mobile vendors can realize the full spectrum of economic and social benefits that food trucks can bring to a community.


Why Did President Obama Choose Phoenix to Talk About Housing? It Might Not Be Why You Think

Phoenix is often cited as an example of the housing boom, bust, and recovery cycle – but this post explains that thanks to local leadership, collaboration and resource coordination, the city is also on track to end chronic homelessness among veterans in 2014. Phoenix is also focusing on increasing veteran employment through various innovative local initiatives.

Economic Development

When it Comes to the Skills Gap, Perceptions Matter

This blog post is part of a series from early 2013 discussing different perspectives on the results of NLC’s 2013 Local Economic Conditions Survey. Learn about city officials’ perceptions about the labor market, as well as skills challenges that may pose structural barriers to sustained local and national recovery.


The Parallel Pathways of Resilience and Sustainability

The topic of ‘resiliency’ has become the subject of much interest and some confusion for many cities. Is this just yet another buzz word or is there something more going on here? This blog post explores what exactly this notion of resilience is as well as its connections to cities’ sustainability priorities.

Small Town

Keeping a Small Town Thriving

This blog post showcases the charms of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, a thriving small town that offers numerous activities for residents and visitors, and encourages entrepreneurship and civic pride among residents. The city provides an example to other small communities who are working to ensure theirs is a place that people are proud to call home and tourists are excited to visit.


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