NLC Welcomes New Members

The National League of Cities (NLC) is constantly expanding its robust membership to bring the most value and opportunity to member cities. Here are the new members that have joined NLC so far in 2012. Be sure to welcome representatives from these cities on myNLC and at NLC events! If you know of a municipality that could benefit from NLC membership, please contact Member Services at (877) 827-2385 or

City of Aberdeen, MD
Pop. 14,959
Mayor Michael Bennett

City of Gary, IN
Pop. 80,294
Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson

City of Ocoee, FL
Pop. 35,579
Mayor Scott Vandergrift


City of Azusa, CA
Pop. 46,361
Mayor Joseph Rocha

City of Glenarden, MD
Pop. 6,000
Mayor Gail Carter

City of Orange Township, NJ
Pop. 30,134
Mayor Dwayne D. Warren

Town of Batesburg-Leesville, SC
Pop. 5,517
Mayor James Wiszowaty

City of Greensburg, KS
Pop. 777
Mayor Bob Dixson

Town of Payson, AZ
Pop. 15,301
Mayor Kenny Evans

City of Black Jack, MO
Pop. 6,929
Mayor Norman McCourt

City of Hartford, CT
Pop. 124,775
Mayor Pedro Segarra

City of Portland, ME
Pop. 66,194
Mayor Michael Brennan

City of Boise City, ID
Mayor David H. Bieter

Village of Highland Hills, OH
Pop. 1,168
Mayor Robert Nash

City of Riverdale, GA
Pop. 15,134
Mayor Evelyn Wynn-Dixon


City of Bowling Green, OH
Pop. 30,028
Mayor Richard Edwards

Town of Homer, LA
Pop. 3,237
Mayor Alecia Smith

City of South Salt Lake, UT
Pop. 23,617
Mayor Cherie Wood


City of Canton, OH
Pop. 73,007
Mayor William Healy


City of Lewiston, ME
Pop. 36,592
Mayor Robert Macdonald

Town of Star Valley, AZ
Pop. 2,310
Mayor William Rappaport


City of Claremore, OK
Mayor Mickey Perry


City of Lincoln, NE
Pop. 258,379
Mayor Chris Beutler

City of Union City, TN
Pop. 10,895
Mayor Terry Hailey


City of Craig, CO
Pop. 9,464
Mayor Terry Carwile


Town of Los Gatos, CA
Pop. 29,413
Mayor Steve Rice

Village of University Park, IL
Pop. 7,129
Mayor Vivian Covington


City of Duncan, OK
Pop. 23,431
Mayor Gene Brown


Village of Maywood, IL
Pop. 24,090
Mayor Henderson Yarbrough

City of Valdez, AK
Pop. 3,976
Mayor David Cobb


City of Everett, WA
Pop. 103,019
Mayor Ray Stephanson

City of McKenzie, TN
Pop. 5,310
Mayor Jill Holland

City of Westminster, CO
Pop. 106,114
Mayor Nancy McNally


City of Fort Lauderdale, FL
Pop. 165,521
Mayor Jack Seiler

Town of North Brentwood, MD
Pop. 517
Mayor Petrella Robinson

City of Woodinville, WA
Mayor Bernie Talmas